TCF success stories to embed a service culture

TCF success stories help embed compliant behaviours into your culture

Ideas can easily get lost in the jargon if we are unable to connect to them on a personal level. Stories help us relate better to ideas and concepts by helping us understand the meaning behind the words. They engage more of our brains and thus make ideas easier to remember. A list of facts is boring, relatable stories capture attention by stimulating our imaginations, an essential tool in a world full of noise and information overload.

Brain research has shown there are two key aspects to effective success stories:

  1. They must capture and hold our attention.
  2. They must transport us into the characters’ world.

When we share TCF success stories about real customers or employees living the TCF values they are particularly powerful in building compliance, connections between people and increasing understanding of legislation.our brains are wired to remember stories

Stories help us connect and relate
The essence of values and strategy are often lost in the jargon and “letter of the law”. TCF success stories help us relate to the meaning behind the concepts and legislation. What do you mean by service? It all depends on our own personal experiences and human context. If you regularly receive poor service the standard has been set rather low. Additionally, just because we have received great service does not necessarily mean we understand how to give it. Empathy is a key part of understanding an idea like service. When we can put ourselves in the shoes of our customer we can more fully understand the impact of what we do. Stories also help us connect as they provide emotional context which helps us build empathy.

TCF success stories help bring the Treating Customers Fairly legislation to life

TCF success stories help bring the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) regulatory approach to life


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