Creating a culture of TCF innovation

A TCF innovation culture requires living the TCF values, and giving employees a voice.

Values can help shape priorities in an organisation, and support delivery on strategic decisions. When not lived, however, values become de-motivational and can stifle TCF compliance, innovation and retention of talent.

A TCF innovation culture begins with supporting an innovation mindset, inviting participation and learning to see the world in different ways. It also requires listening to ideas from all levels of the organisation to originate, support and develop news ways of doing business.

The degree to which we live the TCF values, and how we promote them in the organisation shapes how much people are willing to contribute. Where we spend our time and money impact our attention and support. To encourage the development of a TCF culture employees need to have a clear sense of what is expected of them, what the organisations long-term goals are, and what the values mean in day-to-day terms.

TCF values can’t be promoted through beautiful artwork and team days, they need to be lived by members of the organisation daily.

How we act each day becomes the foundation of our culture. An innovative TCF organisational culture requires active participation to keep values and behaviours front of mind. Encouraging, rewarding and acknowledging employee participation helps build this organisational innovation mindset. Participation is required to craft a TCF Innovation culture

A TCF innovation culture is supported through consistently:

  • Celebrating uniqueness. Each company has a unique culture, as such a rubber stamp approach does not work. Making innovation part of your organisational culture requires a conscious participative approach that aligns the organisation’s values with strategic TCF goals. Rewarding and acknowledging these collaborative behaviours you’re trying to promote is essential.
  • Listening to employee’s voices. Your employees may have unique insights and approaches to challenges but will not share them unless we are willing to ask, listen and support their participation.  Those who deal with products, services and processes often have creative solutions to overcome hurdles and challenges. Additionally when they participate in creating the solutions they are more likely to buy-into their implementation.
  • Avoiding assumptions. The best solutions to challenges don’t always come from the leadership of an organisation or expensive consultants. Often the most creative and useful solutions come from those with a different perspective, or those who have a stake in making the organisation succeed. Innovation-minded organisations look for ways to convert frustrations into marketable solutions.
  • Working as a team. No individual has all the answers in our fast pace and complex world. Working with others (within or from outside the organisation) can lead to new solutions and perspectives that enable progress and success. Involving all the minds of the organisation in the innovation process enable more dynamic and responsive solutions.
  • Creating shorter innovation processes. A lengthy approval processes can hinder innovation. Creating innovation channels, or by empowering employees to act with more autonomy can speed up the process. Sharing challenges and solutions and integrating the innovations in a participative Knowledge Management solution prevents organisations from having to constantly reinvent the wheel.
  • Celebrating failures. Some of the most creative and innovative ideas were the result of failures. Post-it notes were developed from a failed glue, it would just not stick properly. To solve the challenge of building TCF compliant organisations we need to build  innovative processes that support employee participation. Accidents and mistakes can lead to breakthroughs if we don’t judge too quickly, and consciously learn the lessons behind the mistakes. Relevant and timeous management information enables us to keep our fingers on the pulse of the organisation and make corrections to keep us compliant.

Create a culture of TCF innovation by learning to see the world in different ways.

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