Assessing the impact of TCF communication

TCF communication is essential for compliance

Sharing TCF  Management Information MI and developing clear communication channels along the value chain can grow, or hinder delivery on the organisation’s  TCF strategy.

The core elements to assess TCF communication are:

1. Communication importance  – How effectively is relevant TCF information communicated with management, employees and relevant stakeholders along the TCF value chain? Do they get the information essential to doing their work in alignment with the organisation’s stated TCF strategies?

2. TCF communication information quality  – How relevant, timeous and accurate is the communication received? Is it frequent enough? Best practise requires management information to be collected and assessed twice per month. Is the TCF information available in a format that is easy to digest, or is it an overly complex data dump?simple easy to digest vs data dump tcf communication

3. Information overload –  Are employees given more information than they can utilise? Do they receive information not relevant to the performance of their jobs, or the understanding of the process? Too much information can overwhelm recipients and lead to choice paralysis and information fatigue.

4. Trust in information  –  Is the available information reliable and appropriate? Are suggestions and challenges kept confidential, or will it be used against the individual who raises the issue? TCF communication needs to be timeous, accurate and used appropriately to ensure a compliant culture. When we believe that what we say may be used against us, we tend to be less forthcoming and hide relevant information.confidential trust in information tcf communication

5. Feedback quality  – Do all stakeholders along the value chain receive sufficient acknowledgement and feedback on their contributions, or do they just criticise? Criticism without support increases the likelihood that the organisation will struggle to retain talented employees and the knowledge they possess. Knowing how employees fit into the organisation and that their contributions matter has a direct impact on their participation in delivering on the TCF strategies and their levels of engagement.

6. Information flow  – Is the information shared throughout the organisation relatable and clear, or is it loaded with jargon and CYA (Cover Your Ass) statements ? Are your organisation’s TCF values, strategy and vision easy to share or is it often “lost in translation”? Stakeholders need to know what to do, and why it matters.clear tcf communication values strategy

7. Information gatekeeping  – Is relevant information easy to find and share, or are there numerous obstacles that make sharing information complicated?  Safeguarding of relevant MI information increases frustration and resistance to compliance.

Assessing the impact of TCF communication #Infographic

The key elements to assess TCF communication Infographic


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