A holistic view to Treating Customers Fairly

The skill of Treating Customers Fairly is impacted as much by our experiences at home, as in the office. treating-customers-fairly-is-impact-by-home-and-work

TCF is more than just a work programme, it is a way of living each day!

Our experiences shape our understanding of ideas and concepts, and these impact our ability to put them into practise. In order to embed a TCF culture it is important to connect these dots. Unfortunately most models relating to creating a customer-centric culture are focussed on what happens at work, and not the whole human being. We all have multiple areas that impact our mood, and ability to cope with others. The contexts of our lives include: home, relationships, money and family. Organisations spend millions each year trying to increase engagement scores and how employees treat customers, but scores do not always rise in relation to spend. According to Gallup less than 15% of employees are actively engaged. It is these actively engaged employees who are most likely to positively promote your brand and increase  customer confidence that they will be treated fairly.a tcf culture can't compartmentalise how we feel

Many organisations run engagement programmes that are ineffective, or are spending money in the wrong areas. The core problem is often ignoring the most basic truth about human beings; we bring all of who we are to work. We cannot really compartmentalise who we are, and what we feel. What happens before work may sometimes have more impact on performance, than what happens during working hours.delivering a TCF culture through experiences

Our experiences colour our perceptions of life, and our actions.

When we experience fair treatment and feel valued it is easier to pay it forward. When our experience is one of stress and conflict (at work, or at home) it can colour every relationship we have. A sick partner at home, behavioural issues with children, cash-flow problems or a death in the family can directly impact our ability to perform at work. Treating Customers Fairly is far easier when we feel in control, than when our lives feel like they are spiralling out of control.

Taking a holistic view of TCF principles means looking at the Whole Self not just the Work Self. Areas to consider:

  1. Relationships: Which people and relationships most influence you inside and outside of work?
  2. Value alignment: What values do you hold that drive and shape your decisions and actions?
  3. Motivators: What are you passionate about? Where do you expend your energy when you are not at work?
  4. Health: How do you relax and recharge?

Start looking at the whole individual

Take a careful look at the congruence of the messages we send daily. Are we asking employees to deliver on an idea they do not fully understand, or have never experienced?  Treating Customers Fairly is far easier to do when we understand through our own experience what it means. A focus on delivery of TCF principles only may send the message that they are just a cog in the machine, and they don’t really matter except in how they deliver. It is easier to deliver behaviour we have experienced first hand. When we treat our employees fairly, root out toxic behaviours and develop a holistic view of people (not just as assets) they are more likely to deliver on the TCF ideals. Don’t pry into their personal lives, but try to understand their personal context and factors that may impact on their ability to deliver effectively.A holistic view to Treating Customers Fairly TCF experience

A holistic view to Treating Customers Fairly may require an honest desire to understand an employees’ home context, helping them develop the tools to succeed. Consider exploring aligning their internal values with organisational values; helping them create a better work life balance; flexitime and remote work options to help reduce wasted commute time; and exploring personal interests that may hold the keys to hidden skills and strengths.

Taking a holistic view to your Treating Customers Fairly programme helps increase Engagement and delivery 


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