TCF Consulting helps you demonstrate Treating Customers Fairly is part of your culture!Can you prove it TCF consulting Culture changeAre you ready to implement the new TCF twin peaks legislation?

Compliance requires the recording of relevant and actionable Management Information (MI) to demonstrate compliance, and how you are embedding Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) into your culture.

We offer a unique evidence based process designed to embed Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) into your culture

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The bottom line on Treating Customers Fairly (TCF)

TCF principles are part of the new Twin Peaks Legislation (Regulatory body The aim is to ensure the fair treatment of customers by the financial service sectors (banking, insurance, investments, etc). The legislation is underpinned by 6 outcomes that form the foundation of what is expected from financial services organisations. Relevant and timeous Management Information (MI) is essential to manage this process.

Principle 1 : “Customers must feel confident that they are dealing with an institution where TCF is at the core of their culture.” is the heart of the legislation and often the hardest element for organisations to evidence.

Management Information MI is collected to evidence performance, and drive TCF compliant culture change where required. tcf consulting treating customers fairly

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TCF Consulting helps you become compliant and demonstrate that TCF is integrated into your culture. For help collection actionable Management Information (MI) and to embed Treating Customers Fairly TCF into your culture contact us today!

Are you able to demonstrate your Twin Peaks compliance?

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